Agnès Gruart (from the University Pablo de Olavide) and Gemma Guillazo (from the University Autonomous of Barcelona) organized different activities related to the nervous systems during the Brain Awareness Week. The tasks were planned for seven and nine year-old students in two schools in Girona (Els Estanys de Sils and Agustí Gifré de Sant Gregori).

Escola Els Estanys Sils (Girona)-2014

Escola Agustí Gifré de Sant Gregori (Girona)-2014

Members of the Neuroscience Division organized the Brain Awareness Week about "Discovering Brain Structure and Function" in Carmona (Seville) for High School students. The global campaign was conducted by the DANA Foundation.

Agnès Gruart has been nominated as full member of the European DANA Alliance for the Brain.Learn about the Foundation

Members of the Neuroscience Division organized the activity entitled "Discovering the brain" during the Brain Awareness Week in two schools of Seville, the Instituto de Educación Secundaria Aguilar y Cano and the CEIP Príncipe Felipe of Umbrete. The campaign was sponsored by the DANA Foundation.

IES Aguilar y Cano-Estepa (Sevilla)-2016

CEIP Príncipe Felipe-Umbrete (Sevilla)-2016