Authors: Matute Almau, C., Sánchez Gómez, M.V., Campos Esparza, R., Alberdi Alfonso, E., Gottlieb, M., Ibarretxe Bilbao, G., Delgado García, J.M., Gruart i Massó, A. and Leal Campanario, R.
Inscription number in Spain: P200503262.
Year: 2008.
Inscription number in Europe: ES/30.12.05/ ESA 200503262
Title: Compounds having neuroprotective properties.
Contact: Prof. Carlos Matute and Prof. Agnès Gruart

Authors: Martín Pascual, M.A., Andreu Sánchez, C., Santos Naharro, J.A., Gruart i Massó, A. and Delgado García, J.M.
Inscription number in Spain: P201131227.
Commercialization: CIBERTEC, S.A., Madrid - Spain (Ongoing)
Year: 2011
Inscription number in Europe: PCT/ES2012070544
Title:Device for animal experimentation in neuroscience research.
Contact: Drs. Miguel Ángel Martín-Pascual and Celia Andreu-Sánchez and Prof. José María Delgado

Autores: Leal-Campanario, R., Cañiz, J., Gruart i Massó, A., Delgado-García, J.M. and Santos-Naharro, J.A.
Inscription number in Spain: P2001231369.
Year: 2012
Title: Box for operant conditioning and instrumental learning for rabbits.
Contact: Dr. Rocío Leal-Campanario and Prof. José María Delgado